Web Design and Development

Create a Website That Showcases Your Brand The Right Way

Do you have a high drop-out rate from your website homepage? Is your website chasing away your prospective clients? Our Web Design and Development experts work closely with clients like you to understand your company’s brand ethos and services and reflect the same on your website.

At EManuscript Technologies, we have a team of highly skills designers who understand the complexities of making design layouts that cater to specific customer segments. With our web design and development service, you will be able to give your customers a seamless browsing experience, helping them connect with you faster to grow your business.

How We offer a Complete Gambit of Web Services for a Fool-proof Experience

Website Design

Our in-house UI/ UX designers focus on three main factors while planning the design strategy for a new website design. The primary focus is on the ease of navigation for the customers, the second factor is the design elements and visual appeal and lastly the functionality of the website as a whole. The goal is to ensure that end-users have a smooth, productive experience on the site where they are able to find the information they are looking for.

Content Development and Marketing

Content development is a crucial part of the overall web design and development process. The content strategy is developed specifically for the target audience. Keeping their needs and navigation roadmap in mind, the tone of the website is set to encourage a specific call to action, which could be to purchase a product, book a demo, or fill a form to name a few. A detail keyword analysis is also done in order to build SEO and attract the right audience.

Website Maintenance

We take care of the complete maintenance of the website once it is live; providing regular feedback, updates and suggestions for adding new pages, making SEO changes and keeping the backend updated with the latest technology. We take complete ownership of protecting all the data on your website from malware, viruses and spam activities.

The Edge We Provide over Others

With an unwavering focus on quality, a highly customer focused website design strategy, you can be assured that we offer the best Web design and development service in Bangalore.