eJournal Hosting & Management

Welcome to EManuscript Technologies, your dedicated partner in eJournal Hosting & Management. In the fast-evolving world of academic publishing, an efficient and user-friendly platform for hosting and managing eJournals is essential. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to streamline the entire process, empowering you to focus on what matters most – advancing scholarly communication.

Our Services

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Secure Hosting

Experience reliable and secure hosting for your eJournals. Our robust infrastructure ensures the availability and accessibility of your content, providing a seamless experience for authors, editors, and readers alike.

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User-Friendly Management Systems

Simplify your workflow with our intuitive management systems. From manuscript submission to peer review and publication, our platforms are designed to enhance efficiency and collaboration at every stage.

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Customizable Platforms

We understand that each journal has unique requirements. Our customizable platforms allow you to tailor the look, feel, and functionality of your eJournal, creating a branded and personalized experience for your audience.

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Editorial Support

Our tools are equipped with features to streamline editorial processes, making manuscript handling, peer review, and decision-making more efficient. Benefit from automation where needed, and retain control where it matters.

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Open Access Integration

Embrace the future of scholarly communication with seamless Open Access integration. Our platforms support various Open Access models, providing flexibility and accessibility to a global audience.

Why Choose Us?


Our secure hosting ensures the availability and integrity of your eJournals.


Benefit from ongoing editorial support and platform maintenance.


Streamline your editorial workflow with user-friendly management systems.


Customize your eJournal platform to align with your unique needs and branding.


Stay ahead with the integration of Open Access models and emerging publishing trends.

At EManuscript, we understand the critical role eJournals play in advancing scholarly knowledge. Our hosting and management solutions are tailored to elevate your journal's impact, offering a seamless experience for authors, editors, and readers. Join us in shaping the future of academic publishing. Your eJournal, our commitment.