Editorial Services

We offer exceptional editorial services for publishers who want to eliminate the expense of hiring and training editorial personnel. Our services consistently improve quality and maintain your style guide, resolve author queries and digital art concerns, coordinate production, produce reports and remove all your day-to-day worries.


Our copyeditors concentrate on the principles aimed at making the copy Clear, Correct, Concise, Comprehensible and Consistent. Run-on sentences and fragments are corrected to improve readability. The copyeditors will examine the content and make sure the message is clearly delivered with its intended meaning.


Documents submitted for proofreading are carefully reviewed to eliminate gross grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies. Our proofreading team takes care of font style, italicization, correct usage of symbols and much more in the final product.

Substantive Editing

The substantive editing process involves proofreading, copyediting, and restructuring awkward sentences and paragraphs to craft a readable document that is clear and concise. Content is assessed for inaccuracy, inconsistency, or incompleteness. Suggestions are made as necessary regarding the organization and flow of information to ensure that the document achieves the objectives intended by the writer.

Technical Editing

Technical editing includes all aspects of substantive editing, with an additional emphasis placed on ensuring technical accuracy. Special attention is given to the use of correct and appropriate technical terminology and language. A technical edit may involve verifying information or querying the author about information that is false or potentially misleading.