Premedia Typesetting

Welcome to the realm of Pre-Media Typesetting, where journal success and indexing hinge on effective style and formats. At EManuscript, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront of typesetting, design, and page layout for journal publishing. Our prepress team harnesses cutting-edge technology, utilizing XML-based pagination to seamlessly create and compose various elements into a cohesive digital PDF document tailored for both print and web distribution.

Our Expertise

Versatile Text Designs

Whether it's plain text or intricate 4-color layouts with special design elements, illustrations, and tables, we are equipped to handle diverse text designs. Our commitment extends to clients in educational, journal, academic, science, technical, and medical publishing spheres.

Flexible Deliverables

We understand that the publishing landscape demands flexibility. Our team is proficient in generating deliverables in a spectrum of formats, including HTML, XML, fully searchable PDFs for the web, PostScript, printer PDFs, and open e-books.

Global Collaboration

Our committed professionals are aligned with our customers' vision, approaching projects with a first-hand perspective. With partners across multiple continents, we seamlessly collaborate across different time zones, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


Typesetting Excellence

Specializing in typesetting, design, and page layout for impactful journal publishing.

XML-Based Pagination

Our prepress team employs advanced XML-based pagination, merging page elements into a unified digital PDF for both print and web distribution.

Customized Workflows

Tailoring workflows to specific customer requirements, ensuring high-quality, error-free products aligned with your deliverable specifications.

Text Design Mastery

From plain text to complex 4-color designs, we excel in working with special elements, illustrations, and tables.

At EManuscript, we redefine the standards of Pre-Media Typesetting. Join us in shaping the visual narrative of your journals with precision, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence. Your journals, elevated.