OA Policy

From Jan 01, 2014 all journals of EManuscript Services publish new articles under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

Some of the important features of the new CC 4.0 license are:

  • The CC 4.0 licenses are international in scope, globally compatible, internationally enforceable and ready-to-use by researchers around the world.
  • The reuse of the published data and databases is clearly defined and made consistent.
  • Rights of the copyright holder other than copyright which may interfere with the reuse of the CC-licensed material such as moral, publicity, privacy, and personality rights have been addressed and their applicability and outcome is made clear.
  • The conditions of attribution are made flexible and easier to implement. If multiple articles or data from multiple sources or multiple databases are analyzed, instead of listing attributions individually on multiple pages, all the attributions can be listed together on one page and link to this page can be placed where ever required to fulfill the conditions of the license.
  • The copyright owners/licensees can request that the attribution listing them in an adapted work or a verbatim work be removed if they object to or wish to dissociate themselves from the uses of their work, either adapted or verbatim.

What do the changes mean for you?

  • As an author of the published article, you retain the copyright to your work.
  • Being the copyright holder, you do not need permission from the publisher to reuse and expand your work.
  • You give a license to others to print, download, use and expand your work and share the adapted work.
  • You will be identified as the original creator of your work and the journal will be identified as the original publisher of the work.
  • You can use work published by others under CC license to search, read, download, print, copy, reuse, modify, re-distribute, or link to the work and share the adapted work.
  • If you are using others’ work you are required to identify them as the original creators of the work and the publisher as the original publisher. This can be done by giving the citation of the published work.