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At EManuscript, our success is fueled by the passion, expertise, and dedication of our exceptional team. Each member contributes a unique set of skills, fostering a collaborative environment that thrives on innovation and client success.

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Explore the profiles of our team members to get to know the faces and stories behind EManuscript From project managers to developers, designers to strategists, each member plays a crucial role in the success of our collective endeavors.

EManuscript’s management team

Arshiya Fathima
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

In her role as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EManuscript Technologies, Mrs Fathima has led the organization with the aim to establish a hub of online publishing services which cater for the needs of an individual to universities and societies providing affordable solutions for all custom needs without compromising on quality.

Since, the inception of EManuscript Technologies in October 2017, Mrs. Fathima has worked through the ranks with an exceptional role in the Legal, as well as Chief Strategy Officer. Mrs. Fathima acquired her Commerce degree from Bangalore University in India.

Dr. Mueen Ahmed KK, Ph.D
Director of I.T Operations and Co-founder

In his role as Director of I.T. Operations and Co-Founder of EManuscript Technologies, Dr. Ahmed has developed the organization under his Management which includes planning, organising, staffing, leading/directing, and regulating the organisation. His abilities in business and public relations have always been beneficial for the company, and his vision has guided the company and the staff to achieve the business objectives and given a boost to the growth of the company.

As a Co-founder Dr. Ahmed has ensured economic viability and sustained a high level of productivity through the organisation and utilisation of financial and human resources.

Dr. Ahmed is a Doctorate of Philosophy in Pharm Sciences from Harisingh Gour University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and has a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India.

Mohammed Yunus
Manager/Team Leader

In his role as Manager/Team Leader at EManuscript Technologies, Mr Yunus looks after the operations and coordinates with the clients, staff, Editors and Board Members to ensure productivity and smooth running of the organization.

He is also in charge of all aspects of human resources, including recruitment, training, and project operations.

Mr Yunus has a Master’s degree in History and earned a Diploma in Finance & Accounts.

Suriya Priya
Team Leader- Production

In her role as Team Leader of the Production Unit at EManuscript Technologies, Mrs. Priya is in charge of all aspects of print and online content production and distribution, including creation, enrichment, and publication. She also holds a role in the execution of other services such as data conversion, XML solutions, copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, graphic production and complex e-deliverables.

Sudha S
Quality Analyst

In her role as Quality Analyst at EManuscript Technologies, Mrs. Sudha ensures the quality assurance of the journals and manuscripts, her skills involve proofreading, copy editing, typesetting, and working on the content of the websites.

Divya E
Editorial Assistant

In her role as Editorial Assistant at EManuscript Technologies, Mrs. Divya assists the editorial team in all aspects of the publishing process, including working as an assistant to commissioning editors and handling responsibilities such as coordination and monitoring of phases in the publication process with other in-house teams, such as writers/printers/designers and production staff.

Alice Margaret
Technical Editor

In her role as Technical Editor, Ms. Margaret ensures the accuracy of language, grammar, and the combinability of textual and visual aspects in a project. Editors that specialise in technical editing are responsible for checking text for structural problems, inconsistencies, and technical and grammatical mistakes. In addition to that, she also coordinates with Quality analysts for the quality of the projects.

Jahan Ara
Chief Accounts Officer

Mrs. Jahan Ara is the Chief Accounts Officer of EManuscript Technologies. She joined EManuscript Technologies in 2018 and has since worked in a variety of positions, including Sales, Subscription, and general Accounting Operations. She is also in charge of the monthly budget, financial statements, and operational infrastructure.

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When you choose EManuscript, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a dedicated team invested in your success. Join us on this exciting journey, where innovation meets collaboration, and excellence is our standard. Meet the faces behind the solutions and let’s create something extraordinary together.