Cloud Journal Hosting

EManuscript Technologies assists offline journals in transforming them into world-class online journals.

We are committed to meeting the needs of the academic and professional communities while at the same time working to define and meet the information needs of the journal publishing industry.

J-Host Ver 2.0 is a CMS-based content management application and is powered with the following features:

  • Back Issue management
  • Individual article pages
  • Browsable Dynamic archive page
    Manages users
  • Allows registered users to download e-TOC alerts, RSS feeds, XHTML output, article search and site search systems,
  • Content display control,
  • Tracks the number of visitors,
  • Flexible, easier, simple and effective journal browsing,
  • Announcement/newsletters subscriptions,
  • Time-based front-page views upon new issue releases and many more……