At Emanuscript Technologies, we select our team for both their professional skills and the personal qualities to make a success of careers in publishing services. We value those who practice integrity in their conduct and pride in their work.

We are an established and successful company with a highly experienced management team

Job Opportunities

Editorial assistants provide assistance in all stages of the publication of journals and a broad range of publicity materials. They support senior editorial staff in the administration of the commissioning, planning and production of timely publications. A good spoken English language is preferred.

The level of responsibility and the range of tasks vary depending on the size of the organization and the type of publication. The editorial assistant role is the usual starting point for careers in editorial work. Progression to more senior roles such as features editor or commissioning editor may be possible once the necessary skills and experience have been acquired.

Typical work activities
Editorial assistants perform a range of administrative and editorial tasks necessary to get publications published. They act as the liaison for the many authors involved in a publication, from the receipt of manuscripts from authors through to the handover to production staff.


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