EMS offers a suite of Online Journal Services including:

  • Journal Hosting Platform – jHOST Ver 1.6
  • Premedia and Typesetting Services
  • Data Conversion   
  • Editorial Services
  • Project Management
  • Indexing and Abstracting of Journals
  • e-article Services for Online Journals
  • e-Journal Management [Online MS Submission]
  • High Quality PDF and XHTML Delivery
  • Back Issue Management [PDFs]
  • Article Reprints
  • and many more

Journal Hosting Platform – jHOST Ver 1.6

J-Host Ver 1.6 is a CMS based content updation application and is powered with the following features:

  • Tracks the number of visitors,
  • Manages users,
  • Allows registered users to download e-TOC alerts, RSS feeds, XHTML output, article search and site search systems,
  • Content display control,
  • Flexible, easier, simple and effective journal browsing,
  • Announcement/newsletters subscriptions,
  • Time-based front page views upon new issue releases and many more......
  • jHost (All versions) is powerd with free Web based Manuscript Submission (Open Journal Systems).
  • Download information Author Submission | Review Process | Editor
  • Premedia and Typesetting Services

EMS specializes in typesetting, design and page layout for journal publishing.

  • Our prepress team uses XML-based pagination to create and merge parts of a page into a single digital PDF document for print or Web.
  • We develop unique workflows based on specific customer requirements that allow us to deliver high quality, error free products based on deliverables specified by you.
  • We are experienced in working with all text designs---ranging from plain text to complex 4-colour designs with special elements, illustrations and tables.

Our clients operate in the educational, journal, academic, science, technical and medical publishing spheres.

Pre-media and typesetting services
Journal success and indexing is mainly based on effective style and formats. We have good knowledge and expertise in typesetting, design and page layout for journal publishing. Our prepress team use page-layout applications such as XML based pagination to create and compose parts of a page into a single digital PDF document for print or web.

We can work with various text designs, whether plain text or complex 4-colour, with special design elements, illustrations and tables. Our clients operate in the educational, journal, academic, science, technical and medical publishing spheres.

We produce deliverables in any format, including HTML, XML, fully searchable PDF for web, PostScript, printer PDF, and open e-book.

Our committed professionals aim to provide our customers with software solutions par excellence. Our vision is completely synchronized with that of our customers and we view the projects from first-hand perspectives. EManuscript has partners across multiple continents which means that we're extremely comfortable working across different time zones. We are also experts in XML based pagination services for professional journals.

Data Conversion   

Our data conversion services let you easily repurpose your content to generate additional revenue and reach new markets. Convert hard copy or electronic files to repurpose content cost-effectively and create new products

• Scanning and Imaging
• Keyboarding
• Deliverables in any format including HTML, XML, and fully-searchable PDF for Web, PostScript, printer PDF, and open e-book

Editorial Services

We offer exceptional editorial services for publishers who want to eliminate the expense of hiring and training editorial personnel. Our services consistently improve quality and maintain your style guide, resolve author queries and digital art concerns, coordinate production, produce reports, and remove all your day-to-day worries.


Our copyeditors concentrate on the principles aimed at making the copy Clear, Correct, Concise, Comprehensible and Consistent. Run-on sentences and fragments are corrected to improve readability. The copyeditors will examine the content and make sure the message is clearly delivered with its intended meaning.
Documents submitted for proofreading are carefully reviewed to eliminate gross grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies. Our proofreading team takes care of font style, italicization, correct usage of symbols and much more in the final product.

Substantive Editing

The substantive editing process involves proofreading, copyediting, and restructuring awkward sentences and paragraphs to craft a readable document that is clear and concise. Content is assessed for inaccuracy, inconsistency, or incompleteness. Suggestions are made as necessary regarding the organization and flow of information to ensure that the document achieves the objectives intended by the writer.

Technical Editing

Technical editing includes all aspects of substantive editing, with an additional emphasis placed on ensuring technical accuracy. Special attention is given to the use of correct and appropriate technical terminology and language. A technical edit may involve verifying information or querying the author about information that is false or potentially misleading.

Project Management

Being a full-service company, we are capable of handling Journals Project Management. Our Project Managers are thorough professionals who get their client’s projects executed on-time and within budget while maintaining quality standards set by the publisher.

Our Project management services include:

  • Managing and coordinating the project right from the receipt of handover notes to the dispatch of  final files
  • Maintaining the planned schedule
  • Liaising with Authors, Editors, Publishers and Production personnel involved in the project
  • Resolving client queries on time
  • Keeping track of manuscripts and page proofs throughout the production process
  • Indexing and Abstracting of Journals

Our team makes sure they classify content and tag them so it is easily searchable and understandable. We write brief and accurate abstracts that adequately convey what is in the journal. We offer the following services:

  • Key wording
  • Journal indexing
  • Journal abstracting